Thursday 9 August 2012

Rules of Negotiation

Rules of Negotiation

(Adult Romance)

Source: Kindle


He let her make the rules…

NYC’s most eligible bachelor, Brit Bencher, is also known as The Slayer for his reputation in the boardroom…and the bedroom. And he’ll do anything to take care of his family, even seduce high-powered corporate attorney Tori Anderson in the hopes of getting her to reveal confidential information about one of her clients. But for the first time in his life, he finds he’s falling for a woman.

…and then he started to break them.

After juggling the demands of her career and the stress of caring for her ailing mother, Tori Anderson doesn’t have time for relationships—but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to feel like a woman. When Brit offers a no-strings attached fling, it sounds like exactly what she needs. But what will she do when Brit decides he won’t take “one night stand” for an answer? When Tori uncovers his lies, will he lose his chance with her forever?

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My Review... 

Well at the beginning I was not sure if I was going to like Brit or not but let me tell you he definitely grows on you. In the best way possible actually. 

At first you like Tori more than Brit than near the end it switches and you like Brit more than Tori but in the end it all evens out for the best.

Brit pulls some pretty low punches even though he does not have any ill-intent for them but he pays the price for bad choices. Tori makes some misguided choices as well but it really is due to her desire to be seen and cherished.

Brit and Tori's story was a cute, sweet read and I recommend it for sure. 

4 thumbs up! thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

Rules of Negotiation

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