Monday 27 August 2012

Songs from Books

These songs were either mentioned in books

I think it is fabulous when an author can connect a memory or emotion and have it linked to a song. So many times I have listened to these songs then been transported to the emotion of when I read that story.

Here are some of My favorite moments and songs:

From Callum & Harper by Fisher Amelie

 Please, Don't Go by Barcelona

"Hi we're Barcelona," we heard over the thunder of the crowd. "Our first song is dedicated to Harper Bailey from Callum Tate," he said right before the first resonating piano note of Please, Don't Go began to play.  Tears began to fill Harper's eyes.  I stood and offered her my hand and to my utter relief she took it. I enveloped her in my arms and brought her close, squeezing her tightly against my chest.  I brought her hand in mine to my chest and splayed my free hand across the broad of her back.  I bent slightly toward her ear. "You don't have to be jealous of Sam, Harper. It's not her I want."

Link to the Album -Absolutes by Barcelona

Absolutes - Barcelona 

From Rock Chick Reckoning by Kristen Ashley

 And So It Goes by Billy Joel

I leaned into Floyd and whispered in his ear.  He put his hand over the microphone. "Stella, girl-"  I closed my eyes tight then opened them and looked into his.  "Just do it," I begged.  He gave me a long look, nodded to the band then started playing.  The room went silent in shock.  I looked at the rafters, blindly taking in the trademark Little Bears bras nailed to them then I pulled Floyd's microphone my way, closed my eyes and started singing.  And what I sand was Billy Joel's "And So It Goes."  And I sang it for Mace who wasn't even there but I did it anyway because nothing said what I needed to say better than those beautiful, heartbroken lyrics.  Floyd played the final notes to the song and I kept my eyes closed, waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting and hoping.  I opened my eyes and looked at the crowd.  The minute I did, they roared with applause.  But it didn't hit me the way it normally did.  Because Mace wasn't there.  He didn't charge up to the stage, taking me in his arms and telling me beautiful things. "Stella, girl-" Floyd whispered but that was it. I was done. I'd done it to myself this time, I had not one else to blame.

Link to the Album Greatest Hits 3 by Billy Joel

Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 - Billy Joel 

From The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines

Crazy Girl by Eli Young Band

Crazy Girl by The Eli Young Band woke me up from a very good dream. Stretching, I felt Sawyer's arms tighten around me. "Crazy girl. don't you know that I love you?" kept playing and I turned to look up at Sawyer who was reaching for my phone.  "Why is my phone turned on and why is it singing a country song?" I asked groggily as he looked at the screen and then dropped his gaze to mine.   "It's your mom. Talk to her or she'll worry."  I gaped at him, "My mom? But-"  "I got your phone out of your bage last night and turned it on. Finding you had my adrenaline pumping so calming down was hard to do.  I changed your ringtone to the song that makes me think about you.  "He lowered his mouth to mine and sang, "Have I told you lately, I love you like crazy, girl?" along with my ringing phone. I couldn't get mad at him while he was doing something like that.  Early-morning-singing-Sawyer was just too freaking sweet.  Even if he'd made it possible for my my mom to call me.

Link to Life at Best Album by The Eli Young Band

Life At Best (Deluxe Version) - Eli Young Band  

From Breathe (Colorado Mountain #4) by Kristen Ashley

Holding out for a Hero by Ella Mae Bowen

This worked until it came up in the queue. Ella Mae Bowen's rendition of "Holding Out for a Hero."  Lying there like I did all the time, alone, late at night, in my kickass but lonesome apartment, her beautiful voice filled with longing, singing words I'd never really listened to, hit me like a bullet tearing clean through my flesh leaving a raw ache in its wake.  I didn't even try to control the tears that filled my eyes. I didn't feel the sting of them in my nose. I just let them fall as the ceiling above me went watery and the longing in Ella Mae's voice, the beautiful yearning of the words ripped me to shreds.  I'd seen Chace at sixteen years old....and I convinced myself I found my hero and he was always there, just out of reach.  But he wasn't just out of reach and if I kept hoping, kept reaching, eventually his fingers would close warm, strong and firm around mine.....When Ella Mae was done, I played her again.  And again. Then again....And I was listening to it when a hand wrapped firm and strong around my bicep but I also heard my low, surprised cry ringing in my head if not in my ears when I felt the touch and that hand didn't hesitate to whip me around.  Then I stared up at Chace Keaton's angry face.  What the frak?

Link to Footloose Album by Various Artists

Footloose (Music from the Motion Picture) [Cut Loose Deluxe Edition] - Various Artists  

Abbi Glines has not only written fabulous books she has also written fabulous songs for her characters and then has had the brilliant idea to record them as the characters names for all to hear. So far the songs are from Existence, Pre-destined and Breathe.  My fingers are crossed that there will be the version of Eva's song in While it Lasts and many more from more of her future books.

Yet You Stay by Dank Walker  from Existence

  Yet You Stay - Single - Dank Walker  

Closer by Dank Walker  from Predestined

Don't Cry by Jax Stone from Breathe (Seabreeze #1)

  Don't Cry - Single - Jax Stone

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