Wednesday 22 August 2012

Mathilda, SuperWitch (Mathilda's Book of Shadows)

Mathilda, SuperWitch (Mathilda's Book of Shadows #1)

(Adult Romance)

Source: Kindle

On Hallowe’en night, Mathilda Honeycutt finds out she’s a SuperWitch. Not the modern, hippy kind… the real, wand-wielding, pixie dust kind. After a life devoted to retail and coffee drinks, Mathilda is thrown into the secret world of witches, warlocks, werewolves, vampires, faeries, headless horsemen, you name it, it exists… even whirling dervishes!

As Mathilda discovers her magic, she also discovers she’s prophesied to save the world. Problem is, she’d rather spend her time on online auctions, bidding on cut-rate but fabulous designer shoes. Now, she’s got to save the world, run her coffee house, battle against her friend and co-worker in “The War of the Wooden Spoons” and figure out what’s going on with the silent, watchful (but yummy) Sebastian Wilding, a member of a centuries old Secret Society who has vowed to keep her safe and brainy, sweet (and hot) Dr. Aidan Seymour, a maverick member of The Royal Institute of Psychical Research. Making matters worse, her nemesis is a powerful witch who doesn’t mind fighting dirty.

Will Mathilda be able to save the world while still being perfectly accessorized? And how is she going to pick between Luscious Sebastian and Dreamy Aidan? And will she be able to talk The Witches Council into updating their uniform? And, lastly, will she ever get the hang of riding around on a broom?

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My Review.....

As you all know I am a huge Kristen Ashley Fan so of course I loved this book as well. Compared to her other books it was a bit more quirky.  How Mathilda stumbles into this life is quite comical and I especially Love Sebastian (AKA as Ash). So I guess that gives it away that I am TOTALLY Team Ash for Mathilda to pick.

There are definitely parts of Aidan that I like but from the beginning I was drawn in by Sebastian. Mathilda's family is bloody hilarious. 

There was many loops and turns that I did not see coming which I was happy about it keeps the book suspense filled. 

I can't wait to read the next book in this trilogy and my fingers are crossed that she chooses Sebastian (wink wink KA - I hope we are on the same page. LOL. You can't hurt a girl for trying to put her two cents in rock on!)  

4 Thumbs Up! 

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

Mathilda, SuperWitch (Mathilda's Book of Shadows #1)

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