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Focus On Me (In Focus #2) by Megan Erickson ~ #bookreview #NA #MM @BerkleyRomance @SignetEclipse
Focus on Me (In Focus #2)


Colin Hartman can now add college to his list of failures. On the coast-to-coast trek home from California, Colin stops at a gas station in the Nevada desert, and can’t help noticing the guy in tight jeans looking like he just stepped off a catwalk. When he realizes Catwalk is stranded, Colin offers a ride.

Riley only intended to take a short ride in Colin’s Jeep to the Grand Canyon. But one detour leads to another until they finally find themselves tumbling into bed together. However there are shadows in Riley’s eyes that hide a troubled past. And when those shadows threaten to bury the man whom Colin has fallen in love with, he vows to get Riley the help he needs. For once in his life, quitting isn’t an option…


Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Intermix | Penguin Group 
Genre: MM NA Contemporary Romance
Part 2 in an ongoing series but could be read as a standalone

My Focus On Me Review ...

The first book in this series is Trust the Focus, which I quite liked.  The first book helps set up for this book but it isn't completely necessary to read this one.  In Trust the Focus, Justin and Landry were best friends.  To help save Landry from loving his best friend from a far he makes up a boyfriend.  The boyfriend he makes up and the picture he uses is Riley Sorenson, who is an up and coming male underwear model.   Focus On Me is focused on Riley and his journey of self discovery.  The two books are interlinked via pen pal relationship with Landry and Justin, but in the end Riley and Colin are truly their own story.  

Colin Hartman is tired of failing.  He just can't seem to find his grove.  Now after his most recent failure he's on his way back home with his tail between his legs.  Riley Sorenson is just plain lost.  He's on a personal journey to help him find himself.  After a random meeting these two find out they need each other.  Riley needs a ride and Colin needs some sort of purpose. 

On Colin's long way home from college he agrees to give Riley a ride.   What he didn't expect was to get so much more than he bargained for.   They start the journey with curious wonder but end with so much more.   At first they are at arms length with each other but then realize that they can maybe help one another.  This spark explodes but then turns sour.

We were enablers.

The more Colin learns about Riley the more he needs to help him.  The only problem is he doesn't know how. 

"He's the one thing in my life I haven't quit yet, and I don't plan to fail now."

This journey isn't just about Riley finding himself, it's also about Colin's own journey of the same.

" . . . You're so hung up on your failures that I don't think you see that sometimes you have to fail to set yourself on a different path." 

" . . . You have to quit keeping this tab in your head of what you lost and what you won.  Because then you miss the journey."

Riley's in a very dark place and finally for the first time he feels something.  With a spark of hope he thinks Colin could be the answer but quickly learns that it's not enough.  To get better he needs to want it himself.   Both of these two beautiful men have their own personal demons and insecurities.  Their journey is a very meaningful and beautiful one about love and self discovery. 

Their journey is not an easy one but it's full of some much hope and love that you are rooting for these two to find some sort of happiness.  And especially with each other, however, to get there it's a lot of work.

This story felt so real. You felt their pain and struggles, their darkness and hopelessness.  But you also felt their hope.  This was a beautiful love story about two halves that make a whole.  But to get that whole they have to love themselves first before they can truly love each other.  Great Story!  I love this series and I can't wait for more. 

4 Real Thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up 



My Review of Trust the Focus

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