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My Book Boyfriend Monday ~ Pike Ryland #bookboyfriend #callonme @RoniLoren @BerkleyRomance @SignetEclipse

Finally we seem to back on a book boyfriend trend.  This week is well deserved and goes to Pike Ryland from Call On Me by Roni Loren.  His lady love may have not won my heart but Pike sure did.

So. Why Pike?

" . . . And I've been friends with him long enough to know that once Pike Ryland loves you, it's absolute.  You'll never find a more loyal , giving, good-hearted man than him.  He's the guy I'd call if I needed to bury a body, because he wouldn't ask questions.  He'd trust that I had a good reason and bring the shovel." 

  1. Gah! Pike is so sweet and loving
  2. He's loyal beyond belief
  3. He has a huge heart and wants it to be filled. 

Some examples of why I fell for Pike:

 All quotes and phrases from eARC of Call On Me by Roni Loren Courtesy via Penguin Group
Call on Me (Loving on the Edge #8)


The new Loving on the Edge novel by the New York Times bestselling author of Nothing Between Us and Need You Tonight…

Oakley Easton wants two things: to be a good mom to her daughter and to ditch her less than ideal night job. Hooking up with bad boy drummer Pike Ryland? Not on the agenda. She needs a promotion. Not sex, tattoos and rock ’n’ roll.

Pike isn’t about to let Ms. Prim and Proper shut him down so easily, especially when he stumbles upon Oakley’s sexy night job. She’s only playing a role on those late night calls with strangers, but when he gets her on the line, all bets are off. He won’t stop until that sultry voice is calling his name for real.

But as they move from anonymous fantasies in the dark to the flesh-on-hot-flesh reality of the bedroom, the risk of falling in love becomes all too high. And the safe, quiet world that Oakley’s worked so hard to create is about to be exposed to the one person who could ruin it all.

Source:  eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Berkley | Penguin Group
Genre: Adult Erotic BDSM Contemporary Romance
Part 8 in an ongoing series but can be read as a standalone

My Call on Me Review ...

Hot Damn! Does Roni Loren know how to write Erotica!!!

In Call on Me we finally get Pike's book.  And what a perfect combination than rock star and BDSM.  Pike has been the loyal fun friend but his past has left him scared and not realizing that he too deserves love and happiness like his friends.

Oakley Easton has a chip on her shoulder but deservedly so.  Now a single mother of a special needs girl, she's having a hard time making ends meat.  The last thing she needs is a distraction.  Especially a tall, tatted, blond sexy one.  But Pike Ryland steps into her life and changes everything.

Pike oozes sex appeal and confidence but Oakley keeps him at bay to protect her numb heart.

" . . . And seriously, how do you and your ego fit in the same room?"
"We work it out.  And that was more than shock.  You wanted me."

The more Pike flirts the more she lets him in, but she's torn with want and need.  Which causes a bit of a push and pull where it comes to Pike and what he means to her.

Pike and children don't mix but there is something about Oakley and Reagan that he wants more from.   Because of his past he doesn't think that anyone could truly want him as Pike 'the man' instead of Pike 'the rockstar'.  Pike's an all or nothing type of guy and follows his instincts.  And his instincts are telling him to not let Oakley go.

" . . . Get over it, mama."  (Gotta admit I'm not sure about the endearment Mama.  I'm more leaning to the not so much feeling while I was reading)

They have quite a rocky start.  First with Oakley's push and pull game and then when their insecurities take center stage.

She'd taken the choice completely out of his hands, 

"This impacts both our lives.  We should both be there."

I know she's been wronged before but damn poor Pike has to work so hard to win her heart.

"You don't want that or you don't want me?"

Gah! Poor Pike.  The more Oakley's insecurities get the better of her the more they drag up poor Pikes.  The more this happens the more she hurts Pike.  And I gotta say that saddens me because I LOVE Pike and all his awesomeness and his amazing heart.  Even though I get it.  Every time she hurts Pike, I end up liking Oakley less.  

Pike and Oakley bring out the best of each other which helps Oakley finds out about her self and her needs. 

"The most honest version of ourselves is the one behind closed doors.  I'm sure you see that with the calls you take.  You probably know more about your callers true selves than ninety-nine percent of the people in their lives.  Sex and how we feel about it, what we crave?  That's about as vulnerable as a person can get.  So with my friends, instead of hiding it, we let one another see behind our closed doors.  It's a privilege we don't take lightly."

However, needs and love don't always win out.  Especially with the fear of getting hurt.  For some reason, some people and in this case, this heroine believe trying to prevent themselves from getting hurt will prevent any heartache.  Hurt happens its inevitable for all forms our our lives and we can't prevent it.  The more we try the more we cause unnecessary heartache.

 "But if you know Pike at all, you know that for better or worse, he's all heart. . . .                                                                                                                                                    He loves you.  And he loves your kid.  And I've been friends with him long enough to know that once Pike Ryland loves you, it's absolute.  You'll never find a more loyal , giving, good-hearted man than him.  He's the guy I'd call if I needed to bury a body, because he wouldn't ask questions.  He'd trust that I had a good reason and bring the shovel." 

  This book can be read as a standalone but reading the series as a whole, makes it a much more pleasurable experience.  Especially reading Yours All Along #7.5 before this book, which will help give a better understanding of Devon and Hunter whom are Easton's brother and brother-in-law.    

Do I love this series?  Absolutely 100% Yes.  Do I recommend it?  YES!!!  Did I love Pike?  You bet. He stole my heart and will be making an appearance on my next book boyfriend Monday.  Did I love this book?  Yes, but I didn't love Oakley completely.  Did I understand why she was the was she was? Yes, but after falling for Pike and all his sweetness it was hard to love her when she kept hurting him.  Will I continue with this series?  Hells yeah! You can't stop me.  When I see Roni Loren I say when?  She's such a great writer.  Her stories have tons of heart and oh boy tons of steam.  Yowza!!!! 

If it was just Pike it would be a 5 but with Oakley and such it gets a 4 for me this time around. 

4 Pike Loving Thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up



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