Friday 24 July 2015

Release Me (Chasing Fire #2) by Ann Marie Walker & Amy K. Rogers ~ #bookreview #contemporaryromance
Release Me (Chasing Fire #2)

The second in the Chasing Fire series, about a pain too deep to forgive and a passion too hot to forget…

Alessandra Sinclair knows that Hudson Chase is the last man she should want. The boy from the wrong side of the tracks has grown into a man who would do anything to get ahead, even if it means breaking Allie’s heart. But whenever she’s near him, the attraction between them is undeniable. And now that they’re working together, keeping her distance from Hudson is almost as impossible as keeping her feelings in check…

Hudson already lost Allie once and he refuses to lose her again. He’s determined to use their new business partnership to rekindle the spark he knows is still there. Only the closer he gets to winning her over, the clearer it becomes there are still secrets that could tear them apart for good…

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Intermix | Penguin Group
Genre: Adult Contemporary 
Part 2 out of 3 in an ongoing trilogy

My Release Me Review ...

I gotta admit I wasn't a huge fan of Remind Me but when I got the chance to review this one I said yes because the end cliffhanger did make me want to find out what happened.  However, once I started to read this I took a blank on what happened in the first book which confirms why I didn't love it to start with. 

Now reading this book Alessandra is still not winning me over but Hudson slowly is.  

He'd begged her to let him explain, but what explanation could have possibly justified his lies and betrayal?  (Yeah, why listen to his explanation that would just be plain stupid . *eye roll*) 

"If we've learned anything from our past, Alessandra, it is not to make assumptions."
"And yet history keeps repeating itself, doesn't it?"  (Yes it does because she won't LISTEN ONLY ASSUMES *grrrr*) 

And yet there she was, less than a week since their appointment, cleaning herself up after a walk of shame back to her office.  What the hell had she been thinking?"  (Well Alessandra if you actually TALKED & LISTENED to Hudson you would have made up and there would have been no shame but nope, you are a stubborn one who doesn't learn her lessons)

As in past tense.  Had her efforts to push him away been successful?  Had she finally proved more trouble than she was worth?  (Oh! for fuck sakes)  

I don't want to drag Hudson into this.  (Ugh! Of Course why communicate? Why???)

Ugh! These two when are they going to learn???  More secrets and assumptions.  Argh!! I hate assumptions and miscommunications.  Hate them.  The story itself is okay while I find Hudson and Allie just meh.  Finally we think these two are going to get their shit together than BAM, nope.   I do have to admit that these damn cliffhangers are keeping me engaged enough that I need to find out what happens, even though I have a feeling I know what is to come, but I still will be reading the last book so I can put the suspense to rest and as well as thankfully Hudson and Alessandra as well. 

2.5 Getting better but still not loving it thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs up . 5


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