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Finding Jordie Blog Tour- Excerpt, giveaway & review

Finding Jordie
By: H.J. Harley


Jordie is a survivor, tough and independent. She's had to be, since her husband was killed in Iraq. For the last eight years, raising her daughter and owning a popular New York City bar has kept Jordie plenty busy, leaving her no time for much of anything else. Aside from her sassy yet squirrely best friend Rachel, Jordie's social life is bare bones and her love life nonexistent. Truth be told she wouldn't change a thing; she's never been happier.

Then she meets Nathan, and he changes everything with one crooked smile, triggering a chain of life-altering events for the two of them, filled with romance, chaos, and deadly peril. Neither of them could ever imagine their relationship would resurrect an unknown darkness from Jordie's past, lurking in the shadows, just waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Jordie has never needed to be stronger for all of them to make it out alive.

Sensuality Level: Sensual


“Fuck!” I blurted out as I reached my steps. Nathan was perched there halfway up and, my Lord, he was looking fine.
“Is that a statement or a request?” He grinned mischievously at me, a grin that touched those amazing blue eyes.
Oh shit, he’s here … on my front porch. My heart slammed into my throat and I was pretty sure I had lost the ability to form a coherent sentence.
“Hi?” was all I could manage to say. What was he doing here at three A.M.?
“I wanted to make sure you made it home safely,” he said, as if answering my silent question.
“Nut. Job,” I mouthed slowly to him.
He laughed, unveiling that beautiful, perfect, white-toothed smile that made his eyes even brighter. Then it happened. With that one smile, I surrendered to whatever it was inside of me I was fighting. I could no longer worry about how this story would end
when all I wanted to do was start it. I walked past him. “Want to come up for a beer or something?” I unlocked the door and waited for the impact of the rejection.
“Or something.”
I could hear the smirk in his tone.
“Is that a statement or a request?” Ugh, what are you doing? Is this flirting? I silently sighed. Rachel had never been more correct — it had been too long. “Lock the door behind you, please.” I started the two-flight journey to my apartment. We reached my door, and I took a deep breath while I unlocked it. We walked in and I tossed my crap on the table as usual. He closed the door, and I heard the click of the
“Want some breakfast?” I asked him, walking past the large sectional in my living room into the kitchen. Nathan followed but stopped in the dining room and took a quick glance around my place as he leaned against the wall. “Assuming I will be here for
breakfast?” he asked in a sultry voice full of humor.
Flushed, I popped my head out from behind the fridge door. “Smart ass, I meant now. I’m starving. Yes or no?”
“Sure.” He got dimples when he smiled.
“Can you make some coffee?” I pointed to the pantry closet door.
“Yes, ma’am.” He stepped into the pantry. “Pop Tarts? You eat Pop Tarts?” His muffled words became clearer as he walked out, holding coffee in one hand and a box of Pop Tarts in the other. He closed the door with his foot.
“I enjoy a good Pop Tart.” I pouted, crinkling my eyebrows.
“Seriously? Strawberry? I thought you said you enjoyed a good Pop Tart.” He eyed me suspiciously.
“Shut up — it’s the sprinkles. They make me happy.” I quickly looked back down to the pan, trying not to stare at his amazing blue eyes.
“Do you know what these are made of?” He sounded appalled, as if I were eating a cockroach instead of an artificial pastry.
“No, please enlighten me.” I noticed my cheeks hurt because I had been smiling for the past five minutes.
“All right, sassy pants, I will.” He was attempting to be serious, but began to laugh while he poured water into the coffee maker.
“C’mon educate me, I need a good schooling, and have you ever made coffee before?” I playfully grabbed the coffee from his hands, swiftly dumped four scoops into the top of the machine, closed the lid, and pressed the start button.
“Impressive.” He hopped onto the counter holding the box of Pop Tarts again, watching me. “It’s a sugar coma is what it is. I can’t explain it. I just know anything that has a shelf life of fourteen years and is still edible after a nuclear winter can’t be good for you.” He held his head high and tightened his lips as if he was triumphant in convincing me.
I stared blankly at him, trying my damnedest not to laugh, but the corners of my mouth betrayed me as they tightened. We both burst out in laughter.
“Really? That’s all you got?” I snatched the box from his hands and put it back on the counter. “Like I said, it’s all about the sprinkles, so if there is in fact a nuclear winter, at least I’ll be happy.” I tossed him a loaf of bread.
“Can you make toast?”
“Can I make toast?” He hopped off the counter. “Of course I can make
When I turned to look at him he was standing at the toaster with a confused look on his face.
“You’re kidding me, right?”
My mouth popped open wide in shock and he laughed.
“Gotcha.” He winked, pushing down the lever.
Oh my, no no no. I won’t survive this night if he keeps shit like that up.

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About H.J.

HJ is just a Jersey girl surviving in the good ol’ South. She's a fan of sunglasses, good coffee, original stories, her pets, and laughing with friends. Most importantly, she loves being a mother to her beautiful daughter.

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My Review...

I quite liked this book. It had love at first sight, soul mates, suspense, hilarious friendships, family and lots of drama.

Normally I complain that a lot of relationships in books go to fast to really feel their connection and even though this relationship went at light speed it still just felt right between them.

I loved Nathan and Jordie together right from the start.  Even though it was really fast their connection and comfortability just kept getting stronger and stronger. Nathan's instant liking to her daughter and friends was also super sweet. 

Favorite parts of this book :  The friendship with Rachel, the love of Nathan, the loyalty of Frank

Least favorite parts: "Holler" got on my nerves sometimes but I still loved everything about Rach and Jordie's friendship. 

There were elements of predictability mixed in with a few twists which kept me on my toes.  And oh my the twist near the end nearly gutted me as I was reading it I was chanting to myself "no, no, no, no" the whole time and thankfully my heart settled back into my chest.

Overall I really did enjoy this book and story.

4 Holler thumbs up!
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  1. What a cool review - love the GIFs! I've been lucky enough to read Finding Jordie already and I'm like you, I think Jordie and Nathan are so perfect together. I love how they're so sweet and so scorching HOT at the same time! Oh and I felt the same about the twist at the end - what a ride! :-)

    1. Thanks! I was thinking about Jordie and Nathan the other day the are one of those couples that you will think about in the future. Always a good sign :) thanks for the comment

  2. The tension throughout is impossible to resist. Finding Jordie is a book you don't want to put down.

  3. I don't read loads of military romance, but I really enjoyed The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks :)

    1. Cerian, thanks so much for stopping in. :) Finding Jordie isn't really a "military romance". This takes place eight years after she's lost her husband in the war. She was a young war widow.
      Thanks again!

  4. Sounds like a good read! Love your Holla video :)

    1. Posted too fast! For Military Romance do Black Ops count? :) I love Lori Foster's Men that Walk the Edge of Honor Series! Jackson, Dare.. TRACE :)...

    2. Thanks so much for the comments. I am an addict to GIF's so I am so glad that I get to use them .

  5. I can honestly say that I have not read a Military Romance. Or maybe I have & I just cannot remember. LOL :) Either way, this book sounds good!

  6. Echoes at dawn by maya banks...must read!!!

  7. Thank you everyone for stopping by and your comments! Just so you know though, Finding Jordie isn't really a "military romance". Yes, she was a young war widow, but, this is eight years after the death of her husband. :)

  8. Thank you so much for your review Lauren and hosting today!!

    1. You are so welcome and thanks for the amazing couple and great read. :) L

  9. The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks.


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