Sunday 7 April 2013

Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Source: Kindle
Six years ago Jake Coulter dumped Kaylie Masters. Though she refused to show it, Kaylie was devastated and never got over him. To make matters worse, Jake is friends with her older brother, Kevin.

Now, Kevin is engaged and Jake is his best man. There's no way Kaylie can avoid her ex. Strangely, Jake seems to be going out of his way to see her and ,after one kiss, they both discover the spark between them never died.

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My Review...

In the past I have said that C.C. Wood is a little bit of a genius when it comes to her novellas she has such a gift of giving us the story and making it feel complete without it feeling rushed because it was a shorter story.

In the second installment in the Kiss series she hit another home run.  You first meet Kaylie in A Kiss for Christmas but you get to know what makes her tick and standoffish in this book.  As soon as you meet Jake you automatically feel the pain and connection between the two.

It's so crazy what lack of communication can do to a relationship and thank goodness that their love was strong enough to survive the time apart and the forgiveness of miscommunicating.

As soon as Jake realizes he has a chance nothing is going to stop him from getting what he has always wanted which is Kaylie back at his side.

This was sweet tale of hope and love.

5 thumbs up
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

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