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In one night my fairytale ended. Or it may have begun. This is my story of friendship and love, heartbreak and desire, and the strength to show weakness.


One night I met a girl. A sad and broken girl, but one more beautiful than any other. She laughed through her sadness, while I loved through her heartbreak.

*This is our story of a maybe ever after.*

He was right. It made no difference whether it was 6 months or 6 years. 

I couldn’t undo what had been done. I couldn’t change the future.

I couldn’t even predict it. 

It was one night.

One night when everything changed.

It was so much more than just the betrayal.

It was the Tragedy. 

The Deaths. 

The Murders.
But it was also that feeling.

The feeling of falling.

Author Bio:
Author of Mature YA / New Adult contemporary novels, MORE THAN THIS and a soon to be released sequel, MORE THAN HER. I enjoy reading and writing books that make people laugh, cry andswoon for dreamy book boyfriends. When not doing either of those, I can be found looking after my two little boys, and trying to avoid house work at all costs.

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Excerpt 4

My eyes widen and snap to Jake. He looks down, and shakes his head, with laughter in his eyes. He removes my hand that was covering his mouth, entwines our fingers, and gives my wrist a chaste kiss before Logan adds to the story.
“That’s not all that happened, tell her the rest, Jake.”
I look at him. Oh my god. He slept with her.
“Oh my god, you slept with her?” I gasp out.
“NO!” he yells, and everyone cracks up. “NO! What? God … No!” he says again, shivering and making a disgusted face.
“Then what?” I ask.
He presses his lips together, as if refusing to speak. I make an exasperated sound, and turn to the rest of them, eyes wide, pleading someone to finish the story.
Heidi starts to giggle, and everyone joins in.
“What? WHAT HAPPENED?” I need to know.
Heidi calms herself down. “Homegirl had an engagement ring on the dash board—a male engagement ring. She proposed to him!” She’s struggling to keep talking through her laughter. “She proposed to him, naked, in the back seat of his truck, with people all around!”
“NO!” I gasp, looking at Jake, bewilderment clear in my voice. He just nods his head slowly, his thumb stroking my stomach.
“What did you do?” I ask him, but he just shakes his head. I look to everyone else. “What did he do?”
“This is the best part,” Cam continues. “He gets so freaked out, he jumps out of the car, and starts to run home. It was an away game! It took him five hours to walk home. He left everything in his truck. His phone, wallet, gear bag, everything. He couldn’t call anyone. He was so freaked to go back to the truck, in case she was still there waiting for him, or if the ring was still there. We didn’t drive out to pick it up until a week later. He went a week without a car, because he was so freaked out.”
“That’s just one of the stories,” Dylan adds. “There’s like, a hundred more just as crazy.”
I’m laughing so hard now my sides hurt.
I’d almost forgotten what we’re all doing here.
And then I remember, and stop myself from laughing.
Because today is not a laughing day.
Jake brings his hand up to my face and kisses my temple. “You can laugh and be happy, Kayla. They would want you to be.”
I smile and kiss him on the cheek.
Logan takes a huge gulp of his beer and then belches, fingers pointing between Jake and me. Heidi and Lucy groan in disgust.
“I’m going to ignore this epic, ovary explosive, sexual tension thing you guys have going on and ask a question.”
I stifle a laugh against Jake's neck, while he rolls his eyes at Logan.
“Ask your question, asshole,” he says as he rubs his nose against my jaw. God, that accent, and that voice.
My eyes close for a second. I think my ovaries will explode.
“Why does he call get to call you Kayla, and everyone else calls you Micky?”
I shrug. “Because my family called me Kayla.”

Source: eARC for Honest Review via Author
Genre: YA/NA Contemporary

My Review...

I freakin' adored this book from start to finish.

I officially love all things Jake. 

The book starts with Mikayla being given a bitch slap of reality with her slutbag BFF and cheating boyfriend.

Thankfully a new stranger over hears her dilemma and saves the day by him and his friends befriending her. 

At the end if the night she has another horrific tragedy and it is Jake she turns to for help to get over it! 

For Mikayla she's so broken inside with so much loss so quick that she doesn't feel whole or worthy of Jake. But this doesn't stop her from still loving him. 

For Jake he falls for Kayla from the beginning but doesn't know how to show her without her running so he patiently waits on the sidelines with her wishy washy ways of a pseudo relationship. 

The whole book is basically a tension lead up to her finally giving in to the awesomeness of Jake. 

If I ever have a personal tragedy I would like to have someone like Jake and everything that comes with him (Jake's family and Jake's friends) at my side. 

Of course Jake will be making a stop in the near future as one of my book bf's.

This book was great from beginning to end with a great combination of angst, suspense, drama, romance, loss, friendship, sexual tension and loads of love. 

4.5 fantastic thumbs up
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5

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