Thursday 17 October 2013

Reckless Longing - #Review

Reckless Longing (Reckless #1)


Ellie Martin hates her beautiful, man-crazy mother. Her mother’s wild and wanton behavior has left Ellie with a deep longing. To escape. To belong. To know who her real dad is. To really be loved. Her mother finally crosses a line that sends Ellie running, escaping to college with one, focused goal–to find and confront her bio dad, who doesn’t even know she exists. Then she meets Logan. Hot, charming, and troubled. He turns her world upside down and puts all her plans in jeopardy.

Logan Walker is hiding a shameful and painful secret. One that nearly cost him everything. When he meets the beautiful and mysterious Ellie at a Week of Welcome event, something inside him awakens and he finds himself drawn to her.

But the attraction they both feel for each other is as delicate as the web of secrets they each hide behind. And as the truths are revealed, their reckless longing may not survive the fallout.



Source: eARC for Honest Review via NetGalley
Genre: NA Contemporary

My Review...

So here is a tale with two people who have a shitloads of secrets.  These secrets are hindering them from living in the present and moving on in the future.

Ellie has one purpose and one purpose only which is to find her biological dad. She had no plans of falling for someone who has the potential to break her heart.

Logan also has secrets but his are more heartwrenching than Ellie's.

After a chance meeting the two of their worlds collide causing the potential of their secrets to destroy one another or destroy the possibility of a relationship.

With Ellie even though she has her own secrets she is quick to make snap decisions about Logan's past due to her mom's brutal parenting. 

Finally the secrets start to come out and the pull to one another can't be denied.  We get our HEA but it really is more of a HFN because more secrets are coming to the surface and could potentially ruin the already vulnerable reunion of Logan and Ellie. 

Sometimes I just wish couples in books would communicate more and have outside angst instead of so much miscommunication bullshit. This is just a personal rant and has no reflection on this particular book.

3 Reckless Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


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