Saturday 16 November 2013

Drive Me Crazy (Girl Next Door #3) - #giveaway & #review

Drive Me Crazy (Girl Next Door #3)
Girl Next Door- #3

Amy Bennett has a type- tall, dark, and jerky. After being used and tossed aside one too many times, she decides enough is enough. No more pretty boys. Instead, Amy begins dating Grayson . Lean, quiet, and average looking, he’s the exact opposite of almost every man she’s ever been involved with.

Her resolve is tested when Troy Castillo moves into the other half of her duplex. He’s the embodiment of her usual kind of man; including the inconsiderate behavior. Within days Troy is making her nuts.

Things with Grayson start fizzling out and keeping Troy at arm’s length becomes impossible as someone begins to harass Amy. Harmless but obnoxious pranks soon turn violent and destructive. Troy refuses to back off and he is determined to protect her, whether she likes it or not.

Amy knows she can trust Troy to keep her safe but can she trust him with her heart?

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Source: eARC for Honest Review via Author
Genre: Adult Contemporary Novella

My Review... 

Lets start with the knowledge that C.C. Wood is a genius with her novella writing skills. She has the gift to get you enraptured into the story with a great balance of love, angst and drama without feeling too quick.

Amy has two best friends who have the kind of relationships she wishes she could have but Amy has a knack of picking the good looking bad boy that breaks her heart. 

She tries to chose the safe journey with the clean cut mediocre choice but quickly realized that sparks are important. 

Her new neighbor Troy is everything Amy doesn't want, which is the good looking bad boy. To protect her heart she makes quick judgements and tries to push Troy a way.

However, when Troy wants something he goes after it. And Amy is what he wants. 
With a shit load of things happening to Amy, Troy comes to her aid to help her but the chemistry can't be denied so she gives in and risks her heart.

Loved Troy and Amy and their ways of communicating and loving one another 

4 Novella Loving Thumbs Up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up 

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