Sunday 10 November 2013

Moving Forward (Moving Neutral #3) - #review
Moving Forward (Moving Neutral #3)

Moving Forward continues the story of Casey Snow, a normal college freshman whose life was changed forever when she started dating the lead guitarist of her favorite band, Blake Parker. But when a video of Casey and Blake goes viral after their breakup, suddenly Casey isn't just the rock star's girlfriend... she's a star herself.

Between celeb-packed parties, tabloid interviews and modeling gigs, Casey adjusts to her new life and finds, to her surprise, that she's actually having fun. Still, there's one thing missing: Blake. And Casey will do anything to win him back.

But as the weeks pass, Casey finds herself drawn to an unlikely replacement--Tanner Cole, Blake's rival and the new Moving Neutral guitarist. Ultimately, Casey must decide if she's still the same girl who fell in love with Blake Parker... or if she's better off moving forward without him


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Genre: NA Contemporary

My Review...

FINALLY! I get to find out what happens with Blake and Casey. Or do I?

Moving Forward starts where Casey has to be on her own after Blake dumps her again.

Casey still wants to be with Blake and loves him but Tanner moves in to her world and she starts to get confused.

I really do like Tanner but I am Team Blake all the way even though this book left me questioning Blake's motives and actions.

With Casey she is portrayed as a strong genuine girl making a place of her own in the celebrity world without Blake but in this book she came off as shallow and ungenuine more times than not.

Thankfully there is going to be book 4 or otherwise I would have screamed as it left soooooo many questions unanswered. Who will she chose? Is it for real this time? What about her career? Will April finally get the bitch slap she deserves?

However even though I have many unanswered questions I am still hooked on this series and I can't wait to find out what happens.

3 WTF Thumbs Up!
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