Sunday 3 November 2013

The Fifth Favor - #review

The Fifth Favor

Imagine a world where a woman’s every pleasure, every wish and wildest fantasy is granted by the man of her dreams…

Such a world exists inside the walls of Avalon, an elite private club that caters to women’s deepest desires. Billie Cort, a reporter from the raunchy magazine Illicit, has come to Avalon to interview the club’s most popular escort, the breathtakingly sexy Adrian.

Expecting nothing less from a place like Avalon, Billie is still stunned at how effortlessly Adrian brings out her sexual side. Adrian, too, is surprised to find himself thinking about Billie long after their interview is over. Adrian, of course, is irresistible, but Billie isn’t accustomed to being pursued by outrageously attractive male escorts. Adrian wants her, but soon realizes that she can fill a role in his life that’s more than just physical


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Source: eARC for Honest Review from Penguin via NetGalley
Genre: Adult Contemporary

My Review...

I had so many good things about this book so I was so excited to be given the opportunity to finally read it. 

This book is about a man who broken and got sucked into a vortex of a superficial and vain life who was brought to his knees by love and compassion. This book was beautifully written and you feel the torment from both Adrian and Billie trying to come to terms of their dept of emotions for one another.
"You give me too much credit for having a heart." He was recoiling, reining in his emotions, regaining control. "I feel nothing for anyone beyond a basic curiosity. It's the nature of my job, my's my nature. You knew that about me from the beginning. "

Adrian is drawn to the innocence and beauty of Billie. She is a breathe of fresh air in an ugly world of sex and money.

Being stuck in this vain world Adrian has lost the ability to love and be loved. All he knows is what he is paid to do. But for the first time he wants more.
Is love enough?  Since this emotion is so new he pushes hard and hurts Billie in his confusion of wants and needs.
"Afraid to live without women clambering to pay top dollar for you. All that money... it's a measure of your value, right?It's your self-esteem. What would happen if you were paid in love instead of cash? Would the world end? My, God, Adrian. You're running scared."

Breaking free of anything is hard but you have to find something worth fighting for to want to finally do it. 
4.5 Favoring Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up. 5 

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