Thursday 1 January 2015

Contradictions (Woodfall Girls #3) by Tiffany King ~ #bookreview
Contradictions (Woodfalls Girls #3)


When everything starts spinning out of control . . .

Three years into college, Tressa Oliver’s life is a nonstop party. She’s skating by in her classes, and there’s no shortage of drinking, dancing, and general hell-raising. The only aspect that hasn’t been much fun: She can’t shake the toxic jerks that always seem to gravitate toward her.

It will take someone totally wrong . . .

Trent Lawson is the classic anti-bad boy: smart, boring, and way too serious. To a wild girl like Tressa, there’s no way in hell they’re compatible—especially since Trent seems to see straight through her defenses.

To set her right.

When a college prank goes terribly wrong, Tressa starts to suspect that her partying ways are leading nowhere fast. Now she has to turn to the last person she ever thought she’d ask for help—and quickly discovers that there’s more to Trent than meets the eye . . .


Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Berkley Trade 
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 3 of 3

My Contradictions Review ...

I am such a fan of Tiffany King and her NA world but I sadly have to say that this book is my least favorite of Tiffany King.  I liked the idea of the story but I didn't relate to the characters at all.

While reading the book, I basically had my lip curled in aggravation for Tress throughout.  There were a few brief moments that I saw something I could like, then once again the shallow Tressa reappears.  Tressa is supposed to be free living fun loving party girl with insecurities, which is the reason why she parties instead of does anything with her life but she came across as more of a loser, shallow and rude than what she was supposed to come across as. 

Sadly one night she connects with someone which gives her the moment of a bit more likeable but than tragedy strikes which was sad but at least it got Tressa moving in a different direction as well as it made me want to read more from the book because at that point I was ready to DNF.
"Okay, seriously. Tressa, I love you like a sister, but your dating snobbery is getting a little old.  You've gone out with every dickhead who's ever asked you out.  Meanwhile, when a nice guy comes around, you don't even want to give him a chance.  It's time to pull on your big-girl pants and go out with someone who doesn't treat you like a doormat."
From the beginning I liked Trent and at first even her friends liked him but then all of a sudden they made him more geeky than cool geeky and her friends and her were a bit rude how they treated him.  And while this was happening they tried to make him sexy geek but his persona wasn't quite nailed so it was a bit all over the place and left me wanting something more concrete.  Either he was too geeky, cool geeky or sexy geeky but they kept wavering back and forth between the three.

They are supposed to be contractions to each other but instead I felt Trent was way to good for the likes of Tressa.   Again I liked the idea of the party girl and the geek but not through out the whole book did I like Tressa or relate to her which left me hollow and not digging the story.

The most exiting thing for me in this book was the preview to A Shattered Moment which is the first book in her new series fractured live series. Can't wait to read it.

2 Sadly not for me thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs up 



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