Friday 30 January 2015

I Belong to You (Inside Out #5) by Lisa Renee Jones ~ #bookreview

I Belong to You (Inside Out #5)


Being that person, that man is how I define myself, how I allow the rest of the world to define me as well. And now, with a terrible loss shredding me inside out and someone trying to destroy my family to punish me, control is more important than ever. It is everything. It is what I need. It is all I need. Or maybe I just need…her.

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of  Gallery Books via NetGalley
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Part 5 in an ongoing series

My I Belong to You Review...

I have to admit throughout the whole series I was hoping that Rebecca would resurface and Marc could heal his demons and finally admit to being in love.  So, even with the novellas leading up to this book I was still fighting the aspect of Crystal but in this book I was won over and got to see that Marc was so much better with Crystal then he could have ever been with Rebecca

"I've said this before, but I want to be very clear.  You are freedom to me, Crystal.  A place I can be the man beneath the Master.  Where my pain isn't my weakness.  I want to be that with you, but to do that, you have to be willing to be vulnerable."
Crystal and Marc both have their own demons which is why they understand each other so well.
"But not everyone has the kind of monsters that I do.  And you do.  I know, Crystal.  It's how we connected in the beginning.  It's what gave me the freedom to be man, and not Master, with you. ..."
This series, was done in such a unique way between the books and the novellas.  Sure at times the novellas got tedious and I started to grow tired of the story and wanted it to end but this book was a great conclusion to the journey of Marc finding back the man instead of the Master.

The whole time Marc has always been the master and at times hard to swallow the choices he made in order to protect his heart but here is where we get to see why he did what he did.  After losing Rebecca we see the Master losing his armor but not knowing how to get back the control he thinks he needs to survive.   Now add his mother possibly dying and a certain blonde who gets underneath his shield and his life explodes.

The evolution of Marc from man to master back to man was an emotionally charged one especially when he is faced with the aspect to lose more than he has already lived through.  This book was great.  It has such a great balance of suspense, drama, growth and love.

4 Belonging Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up 


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