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Release Day Launch!!!! The Phoenix Candidate by Heidi Joy Tretheway ~#giveaway, #bookreview & #excerpt

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Today we have the release day launch for Heidi Joy Tretheway's The Phoenix Candidate!! I love this book so much, and I'm thrilled to be bringing it to you! Heidi is sharing an exclusive excerpt, as well as a fantastic giveaway, so be sure to read all the way to the bottom!!!

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Setup: Senator Shep Conover has just asked Congresswoman Grace Colton to consider being his

vice presidential running mate in the 2016 presidential election. But before he’ll choose her, she

must be vetted and coached by his political consultant, Jared Rankin—the stranger she thought

was a one-night stand.

I hold the wingback chair for support and paste a smile on my face as I watch the

senator leave the suite. That leaves me and Jared and a hell of a lot of silence.

He picks up several thick manila files from a side table, perhaps the same ones I

saw in his hotel room last night, and sits in the chair opposite me. His expression is


I remain standing. Fight or flight. That’s what I’m deciding as I lament there’s nothing

in view that I could bludgeon Jared with.

“Ms. Colton. Please, have a seat.” He gestures to the chair I’m supposed to occupy.

“No.” I sound like a petulant child.


“No! What the hell was that, Jared? What the fucking hell?” I bend to get in his face

to really shout him into submission, but he grabs my wrist.

I struggle but can’t break from his grasp. His deep brown eyes are smoldering with

intensity, and I shoot as much hatred as I can from my eyes.

I’m embarrassed. Mortified. This man who has seen me naked, who made me

scream his name less than twelve hours ago, is now Ms. Colton-ing me like I’m his kid’s


That sends a shockwave to my gut. I know nothing about this man: not whether he’s

married, or has a kid, or exactly what his business is here.

Sensing that the fight’s left me, Jared drops my wrist and slowly stands.

I hold my ground, standing toe to toe with him. His hair is combed neatly, but I

remember the way my grasping fingers teased it into wild waves last night. His stubbled

jaw remains.

I fold my arms across my chest because my gray pantsuit and silk top aren’t doing

the trick. My heels don’t boost me to an even height with Jared.

His thumb brushes my lower lip and I gasp and take a step back.

“Pouting doesn’t suit you. Tuck that lip back in.”

“Don’t touch. I bite,” I snarl, angry that he’s mixed the familiarity from last night with

the utter seriousness of this political opportunity.

“So do I,” Jared says, taking another step toward me and forcing me to step back.

“But you like it.”

I bump into a wall covered in fancy wallpaper. Jared’s body cages me in.

“You’re a bastard.” I’m even angrier he’s getting to me. I grab his shirt, ready to

push him back, but he captures my wrists and slams them against the wall above my


“I hear that a lot.” Jared’s body molds against me. I feel his erection hardening as he

presses his hips into mine, and my traitorous body responds in turn, too eager to tip my

hips at just the right angle.

I can’t get the word bastard through my lips again when every cell in my body is

screaming Encore! Encore!

“How could you?” I hiss.

“It’s what you wanted. No stories. No strings.”

“But I’ve got a hell of a lot of regret.” I move to turn away from him, but Jared lowers

his mouth toward mine. His lips land on my jaw and skim down my neck, his tongue

explores the hollow of my throat then glides back up my neck to taste the soft skin

behind my earlobe. I whimper and twist, but he just anchors me harder, both body and


“You knew,” I hiss, trying to get my brain to focus on why I’m here, not the hardening

length in his pants that has me rubbing against him like a freaking cat in heat. “You knew

who I was and you let me … you let me humiliate myself.”

I stifle a cry as his teeth come out, sinking into the flesh at the base of my neck. It

stings, and the twinge heightens my need to retaliate, to touch him in all the ways he’s

touching me. To drive us to release.

His knee presses between mine and my legs part, my body in full meltdown.

“You didn’t humiliate yourself. You just let go. Got out of your head for One.

Fucking. Minute.” With each word his hips rock against mine until my core is aching to

be filled again.

My God, is he really going to make me come? With every stitch of clothing on? I

struggle against his hold on me. “You knew who I am. You knew we could be working


“I didn’t go to the club expecting to pick you up, if that’s what you’re wondering.” His

lips are inches from mine and his eyes narrow. The force in his expression nearly my


“Bullshit. You were all about picking me up.”

“And do you regret it?” Jared’s voice drops to a low, dangerous whisper.

No! “Yes.”

He drops my hands. Spins and strides to the opposite side of the room.

I go cold. And fucking frustrated. He wound up my body so tight that I’m vibrating

with tension, needing just a little more to take me over the edge.

He gathers the folders and slides them inside a leather attaché case as if we’ve

been sipping coffee for the last five minutes rather than slammed up against a wall.

“Let’s go.”


“Your place.”

I almost snap, imagining the relief he could offer to my wound-up state. But his face

says all business. He looks at his watch. “We’ve got a long list on our agenda today.

Your place is good enough to start.”



The Phoenix Candidate Synopsis:
Fans of Scandal, House of Cards, and The Good Wife will love Grace Colton…

Congresswoman Grace Colton is the most famous woman in politics—and the loneliest—until a drawling, sexy stranger offers her one night, no strings and no regrets.

Grace wakes to an empty hotel room and a phone call: the dark horse for the 2016 presidential election, Senator Shep Conover, is considering her as his vice presidential running mate. But first, Grace must be vetted and coached by Shep’s political consultant, Jared Rankin, who already knows too many intimate details about her. He’s Mr. One-Night Stand.

Grace is torn: Play nice with Jared to join the senator’s ticket, or play hardball and back the slick frontrunner? Grace must decide where her loyalties lie and if she can trust Jared with her future—and her heart.

The Phoenix Candidate is an erotic romance set in the world of presidential election politics. Recommended for mature readers due to sharp dialogue, wickedly hot sex, and a few delicious taboos. This full-length novel is first in a series and can be read as a standalone.

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About Heidi Joy Tretheway:


Heidi Joy is a sucker for campfires, craft cocktails, and steamy romance in books and real life. She sings along with musicals (badly), craves French carbs, and buys plane tickets the way some women buy shoes.

Her first career as a journalist took Heidi behind the scenes with politicians, rock stars, chefs, and detectives, all of whom inspire her stories. Heidi Joy is currently working on her eighth book from her home in Portland, Oregon. She adores hearing from readers at

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Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of All Night Reads via NetGalley
Genre: Adult Erotica Political Romance
 Part 1 in a new series

My Phoenix Candidate Review ... 

Hallelujah! This is the kind of book I like to read.  Strong heroine. Strong story that it revolves around something else besides the relationship angst.  Strong dominant man.  Lots of steam and passion. 

Heidi Joy Tretheway has made quite the jump from NA rock star romance to political erotica.
"So, Grace, tell me what you've been doing with your summer."
Oh, not much. Just prepping to be a vice presidential nominee while having a steamy, love-hate affair with a political consultant.
 Grace Colton has a mission to try and make America a safer and better place after a horrific tragedy but she's not living.  One night out with friends she meets a mysterious man who convinces her to have one night of no strings, no names and no regrets.

After been awoken after a long slumber she wants more but her mystery man disappears until she is approached about the possibility to be a Vice president running mate to only find her mystery man is also the political consultant involved with this possibility.

Even though she has a potential life altering change in her near future, her and Jared (mystery man) can't keep their hands off each other and let me tell you Jared is ALL man and knows how to get what he wants. (Yowza!) As Grace moves forward with this journey, she meets a villain who I knew had a much bigger role in things than on the surface, she also has some personal growth to do if she wants this future.  On one hand she wants this opportunity but what will be the cost?  As she figures things out her and Jared steam the sheets but Jared has walls which causes conflict for Grace.  But she's a strong woman and will move forward and not dwell when life kicks her down.  She rises above and moves forward (which I loved by the way as I love a strong independent heroine)

Grace has to be true to herself and that is what will get her where she needs to be. 
"You wreck me, Grace.  You're truth and beauty.  You're power and passion.  You're my drug, my clarity.  And you are fucking mine."
This book was freakin' great!!!! I loved the story.  I loved the fact that yes it was a romance but there was an actual story besides the relationship angst.  Yes, there was still angst but it was so much more which gets you sucked into the story and never wanting to leave.  I can NOT wait to find out more from Grace and Jared.  Argh! April feels too far way.

4.5 Powerful Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5

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