Monday 22 December 2014

My Book Boyfriend Monday ~ Tristan Hughes

It has felt like forever since I found a book boyfriend Monday.  I was also torn between Tristan getting the spotlight or sharing it with his other half Luke McCullough.  After a lot of deliberation I decided just to give it to Tristan because his patience and love throughout the whole series was outstanding.   So then the honors of this weeks My Book Boyfriend Monday goes to Tristan Hughes from Forsaking Truth and the McCullough Series by Lydia Michaels.

The reasons why Tristan stole my heart 

  1. He was so patient, loving and kind
  2. He took the risk on love and hid it for the chance to be with Luke.
  3. He was such an integral part of this amazing family that you couldn't do anything but love him


Here is an example of why I love these boys as their story is so heartbreakingly beautiful.


Quote from eARC version Forsaking Truth by Lydia Michaels

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