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Losers Weepers by NIcole Williams Blog Tour ~ #bookreview & #teasers

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New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release: February 24, 2015

If we didn’t know darkness, we couldn’t fully appreciate the light.
Garth Black’s more familiar with this concept than most people are. He hadn’t just lived in the dark for the majority of his life—he thrived in it. With a mom who’d bailed on him and a dad whose understanding of coddling started and ended with a bottle of whiskey, Garth had never been expected to rise to any sort of occasion other than following down the same dead-end paths.
That changed when he fell in love with Josie Gibson. After years of pulling each other closer before shoving the other way, they finally stopped shoving. Josie’s love is like nothing Garth’s ever experienced. He holds it close. He holds it sacred. He would do anything to preserve it and keep it from pollution, even if that means removing himself from the picture.
Garth might have been allowed a temporary furlough to bask in the light, but that pass has been revoked, and he’s been swallowed again by the dark. Will he revert to his old ways of hurting those he cares for most? Will he go back to the same destructive patterns . . . or will it be worse this time?
We can’t know light without first knowing dark . . . and Garth Black’s about to get acquainted with the dark in a whole new way.

About the Author
I’m the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the CRASH series (HarperTeen, S&S UK), LOST & FOUND series, UP IN FLAMES (S&S UK), The EDEN TRILOGY, and a handful of others. I write stories about everyday kinds of people who find themselves in extraordinary kinds of situations. I tell love stories with happy endings because I believe in making the world a better place, and that’s one tiny way I can make it so. I’m one of those people who still believe in true love and soul mates, and would rather keep my head in the clouds any day over having my feet firmly on the ground.
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Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Author and ATOMR PRomotions
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 4 in an ongoing series

My Losers Weepers Review...

Gah! I fell in love with Garth and Josie in Finders Keepers so I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen to this lovely duo.  Then I started to read it and then ugh! Instant heart ache for Garth. 

Then asshole Garth makes an appearance. Argh!  For so long he lived in the dark then was lighten with his love for Josie.  Now with this set back his darkness engulfed him whole without an ounce of hope.  Right away I was super frustrated with him giving up and causing pain for everyone else. 
"That's the answer I get from everyone.  You all think you're invincible right up until you're not.  Then when you're forced to confront your mortality, you throw in the towel and give up completely."  The doc's voice filled the room in the same way the sunshine did-way too damn much. "You cross your arms, wave the white flag, and settle into the mentality of being 'fucked'."  The doc huffed, shaking his head.  "If you think your approach is unique, you're deluding yourself."
Thankfully Josie is strong and proud.
"Fine. You want to give up and roll over after a day and a half? That's your choice.  Be beaten. Give up.  Accept you're doomed. That's your prerogative."
Now Garth just has to find an ounce of hope and get back out of his dark world but it's not going to be a smooth journey.
" ... You don't want to hold on to hope, big surprise, but don't try to take a shit on all of ours."

"What are you doing, Black?"  His voice hinted at exhaustion.  "I thought you kicked your self-destruction habit months ago."

Oh! Garth Black what are we going to do with you?

Here is the thing.  This book was well written but I'm personally not a big fan of the pushing others away to protect them martyr routine.  If it only lasted for a few chapters I can tolerate it but when it is 82% of the whole book it starts to frustrate me.  For others they will love this martyr routine but its sadly not for me.  

Everyone tried to pull Garth out of his funk, but it fell on deaf ears.

"You are I are going to talk," she said, just barely lifting a brow.  "And by talk, I mean I'm going to talk and you're going to listen, and when we're done with our little 'talk,'  you're going to pull your head out of your ass."
"It means you rise, I rise; you fall, I fall.  You hurt, I hurt; you succeed, I succeed.  You break your back-" Her voice caught in her throat for the shortest second.  "I break my back.  Please stop acting like you're the only person in the world who's affected by this.  Because you're not.  You're not alone, so stop acting like you are."

"You can push me away all you want, but I'm not going anywhere."

"... instead of relying on people to help you because that's what people do when someone they care about gets hurt, you'd rather push them away because that, Garth Black, is how we think we're proving our love for those people. ..."

"Would you like it if Josie did the same thing to you if she was in this bed instead of you?  Would you believe her pushing you away and letting you go was what was 'best for you'?"

"Just because the likelihood of failing is high doesn't mean you don't try."  He lifted a brow, watching me carefully.  "I thought that was a concept you bull riders would be quite familiar with."

I get these choices that Garth makes but at the same time I don't since I'm all about fighting and hope.  Plus I know it is fiction but I do work in the medical field in my non reviewing life and some of recovery stuff or lack of or the spontaneous healing did also irk me a bit but to everyone else that wouldn't be on their radar.   Gah! I hate it when its the storyline that personally frustrates me not the writing.   I did like the concept of the story.  I loved Josie with her will and strength.

"How did you find me?"  I heard her step closer and sniff the air.  "All I had to do was follow the scent of the coward,"

"I don't run when things get scary, Garth.  I thought you would have known that by now."

I think in the end what I would have preferred it with still having the martyr story for a bit but way way shorter time frame then, have some hope with a bit of more about the trials and tribulations of rehab and recovery, which is just as angst filled in its own way.  And then their HEA.  But it was not the case so in the end I liked the story just didn't love it.  However, I am looking forward to Heart and Soul where we get more Rowan and Jesse. 

3 Josie kicks ass thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

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