Tuesday 3 March 2015

Unraveled (Mastered #3) by Lorelei James ~ #bookreview

Unraveled (Mastered #3)

In this sizzling continuation of the Mastered series by New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James, a man will find the domination he’s always craved…

Shiori Hirano and Knox Lofgren are left to run the martial arts program at Black Arts while Ronin Black travels. On the surface, the two highest ranked belts appear to cooperate—but in private, they butt heads constantly, despite the undeniable attraction between them. Soon their power exchanges start to make for a sweltering dynamic in the bedroom…

At first Knox is shocked to be living out his submissive desires, but Shiori sets out to prove that embracing his true sexual nature doesn’t make him a weak man. But even while their sexual relationship grants him a power and fulfillment he finds surprising, there’s no training regimen for the fight that comes with loving a strong woman…

Source: Printed ARC for Honest Review Courtesy of NAL/Penguin Group
Genre: BDSM Erotic Romance
Part 3 in an ongoing series

My Unraveled Series...

First lets start with the fact that I LOVE this series. 

I couldn't wait to find out about Shiori and Knox as the build up between the two has been intriguing.  The love hate relationship between these two was going to boil over some way or another and the way it did couldn't have been more perfect. 

Knox is Ronin Black's shihan AKA as second in command.  Shiori is Ronin Black's sister and technically out ranks Knox within the dojo.  Which was the start of this simmering chemistry but really it was their attraction to one another that made them fight like tom cats.  

Knox is a beautiful powerful alpha male.  Shiori is a domme.  How can those two qualities mix?

Knox has decided that he can't keep denying his attraction to Shiori, but when he finds out she is a domme he doesn't know how to move forward with that as him being a strong man and the last thing he wants is to be considered is weak.

"That doesn't appeal to me.  I want a man who knows that his complete submission to me means he's under my care.  His needs are more important than my own.  There's a connection that ensures the highest level of trust.  From both sides.  And with that comes the hottest sex you can imagine."

Shiori is very attracted to Knox but how does she make him understand that he is truly a submissive deep down.  After she let's Knox know he struggles within himself to find balance of what he thinks is right and what is right within himself. 

"Someone asked me once why there weren't more hetero male submissives, not only at Twisted but at other clubs."
"What did you say?"
"That most men weren't strong enough to submit.  We're in-herently weak creatures; we worry about ego and machismo.  I will tell you there is no greater feeling as a man than when you know in your heart that that no other man in the world can ever give your woman what you do.  And you'd wrap your hands around the neck of the man who even dared to try."

Knox not only struggles with himself but also his role within the dojo as well as with Shiori.  Once Knox gives in to his true self it is truly beautiful.  Especially because even though he is a submissive in the bedroom he is all man in every aspect of his life.  Lorelei James did such a great job portraying his struggle and the beauty of his submission while keeping him so strong and beautiful at the same time.
"You haven't given us your usual laundry list of what's sexy."
"Tenderness," she said softly.  "A man who isn't afraid to show you gentleness ans sweetness as well as passion."

Both went into this relationship with sex in mind but they didn't realize the impact and potency of their connection.  They both struggles with the different sides of their relationship but once they find their balance it was stunningly perfect for these two even though they had quite a lot of humbling bumps and bruises along the way. 

Great Book! Great Series! I can't wait for more from this series and these powerful men and women at the dojo who you know have stories to be told. 

4.5 Unraveled Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5



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