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Skin to Skin (Skin Deep #3) by J.M. Stone - #bookreview
Skin to Skin (Skin Deep #3)


“I kissed Brandon.”

Three little words. One drunken night. And everything changed.

Starting over is never easy to do, and Chloe made it that much harder on herself when she lip-locked Brandon. Guilt-ridden, she confesses to Allie about the kiss. Instead of the black eye she figured was coming, she gets way more than she bargained for in the form of an Allie-sized reality check…but she still can’t shake the haunting memory of a certain toe-curling, leave-you-breathless, wet-your-panties kiss.

With Brandon and Chloe walking on egg-shells around each other, fate, this time in the form of two scheming, hormonal, pregnant women and three funny furballs, steps in once more, forcing them to face the fact that things have definitely changed between them…

But is it for better or worse?

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to HOT sexual encounters, adult situations, and language.

**This is book three of the Skin Deep Series; recommended to read after Skin Deep, book one of the series, and Under My Skin, book two of the series

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy From Author
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Part three in the series and recommended to be read as a series in full 

My Skin to Skin Review ...

I started to read this book, then I put it on hold for a bit because I wasn't sold on Brandon and Chloe together.  At the end of Under My Skin I didn't like how Brandon ended things with Allie and Jackson.  So, now Brandon and Chloe, hmmmmmmmm, I wasn't sure but I owed it to them to give them another try.  As I started to read it again I remembered why I adore J.M. Stone and this series.  

In Skin to Skin we get to truly find out why Brandon left a relationship he fought so hard for.  With Brandon he wanted the big love story like Luke and Emma and he didn't have that with Allie. Yes he loved her but he wanted more, that he wouldn't get from her and Jackson because they had bigger connection than him and Allie.  

Chloe has always been his best friend's little sister but one drunken kiss has made him change the way he sees Chloe.

As Brandon wades through his new feelings for Chloe he starts to be hot and cold with her, which causes her to run.  As Brandon realizes what his indecisiveness is causing he finally commits to the idea of him and Chloe and goes all in. 

I like books that focus more on the external angst instead of the whole book being focused around the internal relationship angst.  J.M Stone is great at having a nice balance of relationship angst but really the story is focused on all the outside issues.  For Brandon and Chloe the issues are Chloe's asshole of an ex and as well as with a bit of anxiety from Allie.  Allie's issues bugged me a bit because it felt like she wanted her cake and eat it too.  She has a new family and with Brandon and Chloe she can still have the companionship of Brandon just not the intimacy.  So win win for all really.  

As the issues with Chloe's ex escalates she realizes the support system she has come into with her new family and friends.  I did like Brandon and Chloe but there was just something that I can't put my finger on of why I didn't love them.  I don't know if it was that there relationship went from friends to really new to hot and cold to full steam ahead. 

I did like this book and loved the antics between all of them. But at times I wanted more dialogue then the internal play by play monologue that felt a bit too much in this book.  This book, like the others had a nice balance of humor, drama, angst, steam and love. I can't wait to find out more with this series with what happens with Leah and Ian as well as Calland and ????.

3.5 Sweet Thumbs up! 
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5

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