Monday 23 February 2015

Save Me (Lost Souls #3) by Eliza Freed ~ #bookreview
Save Me (Lost Souls #3)


"You need to be careful with perfection. It's brilliant at hiding its flaws."


Having lost everything she holds dear—and then some—Charlotte O'Brien had almost given up hope. Until an unepexted love opened her heart to the possibility of second chances. But now, will Charlotte be brave enough to take the risk that love be enough to save her wounded soul?

The stunning conclusion to Eliza Freed's provocative Lost Souls series. 


Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Forever/Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 3 of 3
My Save Me Review...

When I saw Save Me available on NetGalley, I downloaded it immediately, because I HAD to find out how it all ended, and find out who she ends up being with.  After Redeem Me, I thought I was totally okay with her ending up with either Noble or Jason but as I started to read this I realize that I did have one more in my heart than the other.
"I'm moving on, Mom.  I've given up on understanding why and how things work.  I'm just going to live."
At the end of Redeem Me, Charlotte is now firmly with Noble, but now ..... ?  You know things can't go easy for these three.  What would be fun about that???  

 "Trapped in your loyalty, tied by your mercy, but still stubborn enough to see this through."

As Noble and Charlotte are trying to move forward Jason's dad Butch gets sick causing Jason and counterparts to come back home.  And conveniently it's not bad enough that Jason is back but his dad also lives in the same yard as Noble and Charlotte.  Now that the past has come to the present all hell breaks loose with emotions and heartache. 

"I knew we were never going to be together again, but as long as he was out there somewhere, that was enough."
This book played havoc on my heart and my emotions.  I was immersed into the heartache of this story but I have to admit even though there was so many heart wrenching elements, the book couldn't have ended any other way.  I totally get the choices that were made and why and how it all played out.
"And I know you're going to think I'm crazy, but I think God sent you to me.  I'm supposed to spend my life with you."
I thought this book was very well done.  The series had me captivated.  Love is a tricky thing and sometimes the thing that is the most right in our soul is not always the rightest thing for us.  I want to say so much more with this review but I can't without giving away what happens.  This is one of those series that is constantly at the forefront of my mind and a series that I frequently talk about.  It is an emotional roller coaster worth the ride.

4.5 My poor poor heart thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up .  5


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