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The Reed Brothers Series (#1 thru 7) by Tammy Falkner ~ #bookreviews #ReedBrothers

"Where you go, we go." 

Oh, How I love all things Reeds.  The minute I picked up book one I couldn't put it down then I had to engorge myself on this series and all things Reeds.  That week I didn't get much done except work and the Reeds.  I love this series.  It deals with people with differences that some the Reeds never see as a difference but part of the person.  Each Reed is special on their own right in their own way but in the end all of these Reeds have so much love to give. 
I love how all the Reed and the Zeroes are able to look past the surface and see the true beauty of the person.
Tall, Tatted and Tempting (The Reed Brothers #1)


She’s locked up tight. But he might be the key.

Logan Reed is tall, tatted and tempting. Kit’s a woman with a mean right hook and a secret.

Kit wants a tattoo, but Logan sees more than she intends to share in the drawing of the tat she wants. He sees her in ways no one ever has.

Logan’s not disabled; but he hasn’t spoken in eight years. He hasn’t needed to. Until he meets Kit.

Logan doesn’t know everything about Kit. Kit doesn’t know anything about herself, until she has to sacrifice all she ever wanted to save what’s most important to him.

This book is not meant for individuals under the age of 18 due to adult language, adult sexuality and adult situations.

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Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Night Shift Publishing via NetGalley
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 1 in an ongoing series.  

My Tall, Tatted and Tempting Review ... 

The Reed Brothers are something special.  There's Paul the oldest.  Then Matt. Then Logan. Then the twins Pete and Sam.  After losing their mother and their father leaving, Paul is in charge of raising these boys to keep the family together.  Logan is the middle brother who is very gifted and talented with his art but he is also quite the player. 

One day at the Reeds Tattoo studio a young woman walks in wanting a tattoo but after punching Logan in the face for ogling her she walks away.  For the first time in a long time Logan is intrigued and has found something that has been missing within himself.  

With fate on their side Logan finds the girl again busking in the subway station.  Realizing that she doesn't have a home in intends to feed her and give her a place to live.  Emily doesn't trust easily and she thinks Logan offering to help means she has to give more than she wants to give. 

Logan has been deaf from the age of 13 and his ways of communicating are either sign language or writing.  He can talk but chooses not to.  Emily can't sign nor read so Logan is forced to talk to her so they can communicate.  

" ... And I felt like maybe, just maybe, we were each locked in our own little worlds and could let each other out."  

For the first time Logan doesn't want to rush into anything with Emily knowing she's a game changer.  But she's hiding something and he won't go further until he knows more about her. While Logan and Emily are doing their thing she's also enfolded into the Reed family especially where Matt is concerned.  Emily and Matt develop such a bond she will do anything to help him and the rest of the Reeds no matter the costs. 

Gah! I LOVE Logan he is so bloody sweet.  

4 Love the Reeds Thumbs up! 

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Smart, Sexy and Secretive (The Reed Brothers #2)



I'm back in New York, ready to start my brand new life with Logan. Things are still up in the air between us, and it has been three months since I've even talked to him. But there's one thing I'm certain of -- I can't live without him.


I need her like I need air. But now she's back, and her dad and her ex-boyfriend are conspiring to keep us apart. We can do this, though. Can't we? We can make this work? We have to, because I can't imagine my life without her.

Source: Kindle
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 2 in on going series (Need to read part 1 for this one) 

My Smart, Sexy and Secretive Review... 

Emily has dyslexia and to some that would be a blip on the radar but to her family it was like a scarlet letter.  Because she couldn't read her family basically labeled her as useless except to marry rich.  This is the reason she ran away to start with.  But knowing she had to do something to help Matt and Logan's family she goes back to her family with agreement that her dad will get Matt the treatment he needs to survive. 

Logan is devastated that Emily is gone especially since she finally gave in and he thought they were solid.  Now with no way to communicate properly he can only hope that Emily will return to him.  Now that Emily has come home she learns that she has a new ally that she never expected.  With this ally they are both determined to get Emily back to Logan.  

Reluctantly Emily's dad agrees she can go back to New York but he has an ulterior plan to keep her away from Logan.   Emily's now in Julliard and is learning to cope with her disability but I was surprised that with all the money from her family and resources they wouldn't have figured out this solution sooner but hey who am I but looking from the outside in. 

Finally Logan and Emily are back in the same city but they have a few more obstacles until they can find their HEA.  I really did like this book and I loved Emily and Logan together the only thing that lost me was the quick turn around of Emily's dad.  He sees one performance then BAM he now completely changes his tune to every aspect of his life where Emily is concerned.  The notion was beautiful but in reality I think this transition would have taken a bit longer to come to complete fruition. 

4 Not so secretive any more thumbs up!

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Just Jelly Beans and Jealousy (The Reed Brothers #2.5)


Sean has been in love with Lacey for as long as he can remember, but she has pushed him firmly into the friend zone and plans to keep him there. Or so he thinks.

Lacey did put Sean in the friend zone, but now she's ready for more. Only he won't make a move.

Lacey enters a contest in which a kiss from her will be the prize. Can Sean win the contest? Can he win the girl?


Source: Kindle (Free)
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Companion Novella but the Reeds are still there

My Just Jelly Beans and Jealousy Review ...

This was a very sweet and cute companion novella to this series.  Sean and Lacey are best friends.  They are also friends with Logan, Emily and the Reeds.

Sean and Lacey have been skirting around their feelings for each other not wanting to damage their friendship, but know they both want more.  Lacey thinks she has ruined her chance but tries to play his jealousy into getting what she wants.  

Sean can NOT have anyone kiss Lacey so with the Reeds help he figures out how to guess the amount of Jelly Beans in the jar so there is no chance that any one else can win the prize, which is a kiss with Lacey.  

Funnily enough he didn't have to work that hard for the prize if he just opened his eyes and saw what was truly always in front of him anyways. 

Cute Couple and fun to have anything with the Reeds involved.

4 Sweet Thumbs up! 

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Calmly, Carefully, Completely (The Reed Brothers #3)


She’s been locked upeven longer than he has.

Peter Reed is fresh out of jail, fresh out of excuses, and ready for a brand new start.
Reagan Caster needs to thank Pete for an act of kindness, but he wants more than just her thanks.

Reagan knows how to protect her body, but not her heart. And her traitorous body responds to Pete in a way it hasn't with anyone else.When Pete's innocent flirtation becomes more, Reagan's ready to accept what he has to offer.

Pete assumes Reagan needs to be loved carefully and calmly.
But Reagan knows she needs to be loved completely.

Can he give her what she needs?

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Night Shift Publishing via NetGalley
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 3 in an on going series 

My Calmy, Carefully & Completely Review ...

The twins, the youngest in the family but still hold a very important role.  For Pete and Sam their bond is unbreakably tight.  But they wanted to help out the family especially with Matt's treatments.  Unfortunately they made the wrong choices which has gotten them in trouble, especially Pete.

After serving his time for wrong choices Pete is now back to his old life.  But before that, he's enlisted to help out at a camp where he runs in to someone from his past who has always held a special place in his heart.

Reagan may never have stepped in jail but that doesn't mean she doesn't know what its like behind bars.  After a brutal attack she has been locked within herself and those memories.  The only good memory from that time is Pete Reed who was her savior in a very ugly time.

Now that Pete is out of jail, Reagan makes sure her dad makes Pete help out at their family camp.  This camp is for kids with disabilities and with Pete being a convict and able to speak sign language he's the perfect choice to help out.  Reagan doesn't trust anyone but for some reason she feels very safe around Pete but the journey to completely trust will not be easy.

Pete has to learn to adjust being out of jail and what it means to his future.  What he does know is that he wants Reagan to be a part of it.

"Don't be afraid to make plans, Pete,"  he says "Make lots of plans.  Because it's only when you don't have plans that you'll forget where you're headed.  Write them down.  Make them real. Then go for them.  Follow through."

Reagan has some issues but Pete is patient and kind.  He's truly a sweetie with everyone which causes him to have some followers from the kids as well as eventually Reagan.

"Life's not about the moments of pleasure you, yourself, can experience.  It's about the pleasurable moments you share with someone else that really matter."

Jail has changed Pete, but for the better.  With his experiences it has made him understand life and accept the positives and negatives of it.

"There's a lid for every pot, Karl.  Some fit better than others, but there's one made just for you.  You should be asking yourself it she's good enough for you.  Every single time.  Don't ask yourself if you're good enough for her because when you find the right fit, you won't doubt it."

Loved it! Love Pete and Reagan's kick ass ways.  These Reeds are stealing my heart one by one.

4 Kick Ass Thumbs up!

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Finally Finding Faith (The Reed Brothers #3.5)


*** This is not a full length book. It's 23,000 words. ***

"You'll find Faith in the clock shop," Peter Reed says.

"Faith? I don't believe in faith or God or predestination or any of that bullshit anymore. I believe in what I can see."

Daniel has a list of things he wants to do before the clock strikes twelve on December 31st.

1. Get a tattoo
2. Ride a horse-drawn carriage in the snow
3. See a Broadway play
4. Buy hot chestnuts from a street vendor
5. Eat a one-pound burger at Rocko’s
6. Drink hot chocolate on a bench in the park
7. Fix my watch

Daniel's watch stopped working when he lost all his men, his leg, and his hope in Afghanistan. A chance encounter at Reed's Tattoo Parlor leads him to Faith, a redhead with the prettiest green eyes he's ever seen.

Daniel intends to meet his deadline before the clock strikes midnight, and Faith sets out to help him. But she is goodness and light, and he’s not ready to let her warmth shine on him.

Faith takes care of her aging grandmother and knows how precious life is. But can she help Daniel realize it before it's too late? She has less than twenty-four hours.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

 Source: Kindle
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Companion Novella but the Reeds are still in it. Yeah!

My Finally Finding Faith Review ...

GAH! What a beautifully sweet companion novel to this series.  Henry who's the door man to Emily's condo has a granddaughter who helps him with the clock shop as well as with Nan his wife.

One night a man comes into the shop to get his watch fixed but what he finds is so much more.

Daniel doesn't have much faith in the world and has made a tough choice.   Now he just has to finish his list then he can go where he believes he should be.  But meeting Henry's granddaughter changes everything.

Faith knows what it feels like to be broken and seeing Daniel's eyes she knows what they say, but can she help him in time?  Faith needing to help and wanting some companionship convinces Daniel to let her come with while he finishes his list.  Knowing she can't change his unsaid decision but she hopes she can at least show him some light within the dark.

Daniel's journey is a tough one but miracles do happen and meeting Faith was one on them

"Time didn't stop.  You did."

4.5 Beautiful Thumbs up!

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Reagan's Revenge and Ending Emily's Engagement (The Reed Brothers #3.6)


Calmly, Carefully, Completely left readers with one question — Would Reagan ever get justice against her attacker?

A chance meeting, a well-deserved ass kicking and the end of Emily and Logan's engagement? Find out what happens next in Reagan's Revenge!

Source: Kindle
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 3.6 in an ongoing series (need to read1-3 for full value of the story)

My Reagan's Revenge and Ending Emily's Engagement Review ...

This novella is a little snap shot into more of Logan and Emily and Reagan and Pete.  

Reagan has her demons but meeting them head on wasn't the plan.  Now she just has to face it head on and keep it away from Pete at the same time. 

Emily and Logan are as sweet as ever but sometimes things come up that changes everything.  Will this change make or break this formidable couple?  With the help of the Reeds, Emily and Logan learn to communicate what they need which ends up being the same thing from each other.  If only they talked sooner they wouldn't have had so much stress but for these two it only makes them stronger together. 

While Emily and Logan are changing their path Reagan is kicking ass and taking names. 

Sweet little snippet into these great couples.

4 Super sweet thumbs up! 

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Maybe Matt's Miracle (The Reed Brothers #4)

What he needed was a miracle…

Matthew Reed has seen his share of problems. But he’s a Reed and Reeds can overcome anything. Matt is content working in his family’s tattoo parlor with his brothers surrounding him. The only thing he’s lacking is the ability to have a family of his own. Then his battle with cancer leads him to meet a woman who just might need him as much as he needs her.

She didn’t need anything...

Skylar Morgan is happy. She has a boyfriend. Sure, he doesn’t make her heart pound faster and he really doesn’t support her when she needs it. But she doesn’t need much. Does she? She’s happy to be self-sufficient and she’s happy that she doesn’t have a tremendous amount of responsibility. She’s educated, has a great job, and she has enough money for a lifetime. But what she lacks, she doesn’t even realize until she meets him. And them. The ones who change her life forever.

Source: Kindle
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Part 4 in an ongoing series

My Maybe Matt's Miracle Review ...

I have to admit that Matt might be my favorite out of the Reeds.  Within all the brothers Matt is the gentle soul that holds these boys together.  But what holds Matt together?  After having his heart broken by a selfish bitch and ex best friend he's moving forward in life, but there's a part missing that he so badly wants, which is a family.  Which he can't have because of his cancer treatments.

Facing cancer was hard for Matt especially with him surviving while others don't.  One of his friends who was in the clinical trial with him didn't have the luck that he did and now that she's gone her kids have to find a new home.  

Skylar Morgan knows she had a half sister but never met her especially for she is one of the reasons her family is broken.  But Skylar has a huge heart so she comes to the rescue to keep her nieces and nephew toegether even if that causes her to lose her boyfriend. 

Matt wants to help Skylar with her new responsibilities but what he didn't expect was to fall in love.  These two are perfect together I loved them.  Matt finally gets his slice of happiness and an instant family when he didn't think he had a chance.  However, his past is coming back and haunting him and threatening his future.  Now he has to fight to keep what he wants, which is Skylar and her family.

"You're so fucking amazing that you make my heart hurt sometimes,"

Gah! This was so super sweet and the ending was absolutely perfect for Matt.  Loved it! 

4.5 I Love Matt thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5

Proving Paul's Promise (The Reed Brothers #5)


He has watched her from afar…

Paul Reed has been raising children since he was a child himself, but he wouldn’t change his life, even if given an opportunity. That is, until one of his brothers says four little words that shake the foundation of his world. “She’s not a lesbian,” shouldn’t be quite so earth shattering, but suddenly the woman he loves is available, and he’ll do whatever it takes to win her over.

They call her Friday, and she’s hiding more than just her name...

Friday has worked in the Reeds’ tattoo parlor for four years. She’s become more than just an employee, and she loves being in the middle of something so wonderful. She treasures the way the Reeds live for one another, and she adores the way they take care of their family. She would do just about anything to be part of it, if not for the fact that she doesn’t deserve a family of her own. Or does she? Friday is punishing herself for her past, and by doing so, she pushes away the one man who could truly love her.

Separately, they’re strong. Together, they’re vulnerable. As a team, they rock.

First chapter here:

Source: Kindle
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Part 5 in an ongoing series

My Proving Paul's Promise Review ...

Finally Paul's story.  Paul is the one who takes care of everyone but who takes care of him? 

Paul has given up so much for his family but he wants more.  Sadly who he wants is a lesbian so he stays with what is easy his ex girlfriend.  With his ex its easy and he knows it won't grow to more because she doesn't want all the Reeds only Paul.  But if you know anything about the Reeds is they are all a package deal. 

After one kiss and realizing that Friday is not whom she thinks he is, he has to now scale her walls to get what he wants.  He gets rid of his ex and has to fight for Friday.  

"I fucking love you, Friday.  Let me fucking love you."

Friday has her own baggage and because of Paul's sacrifices she fears he won't want her anymore.  How could she be so silly knowing how amazing non-judgemental Paul is. 

Paul really has to fight hard for Friday and all her baggage.  I have to admit I ended up liking Friday in the end but all her running was not winning my heart especially when she was pushing someone as amazing as Paul away.  

"I've been waiting for you my whole life, "  he says "I can wait as long as it takes."

Thankfully all the Reeds pull together to make the well deserved Paul's HEA come to be.

4 Finally Paul's HEA thumbs up! 

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Only One (The Reed Brothers #5.5)


He knows the value of life.

She's still learning.

What would you do if you had one last moment to say goodbye? Would you take it?

(While this book is about Nick and Carrie, two brand new characters, the Reeds - the whole lot of them - do show up in this book. And there might even be a teeny-tiny little Reed Brothers reveal hidden in the pages. Shh! Don't tell anyone!)


Source: Kindle
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 5.5 Companion Novella with a large Reed presence

My Only One Review...

Another sweet companion novella to this amazing series. 

Carrie is bitter.  She's bitter at the world and her mom's choices. So the last thing she wants is to spend the summer with the her mom.  

Nick is stuck in his home town especially after the loss of his parents.  He has to make different choices then he first wanted but life has thrown him a curveball.  The only slice of happiness for him is seeing his first love Carrie, whom is coming back for the summer.

The Reeds need a break so they are coming to this small lake town to get some reprieve from their new hectic but happy lives. 

Carrie's mom has cancer and is dying but she can't stop being bitter.  Nick would have given anything for another moment with his parents so he lays into Carrie so she can open up her eyes and see the gift she was given.  

After realizing that Nick is right she want so start over but it may be to late when her mom collapses.  Thankfully the Reeds are next door and help her and Nick when they need it the most. 

Now with a second chance with her family as well as Nick she makes the best of it.  The Reeds help make every moment count for Carrie and her family.  Gosh, this book was so sad and beautiful. 

~ Because it's not only one moment that defines a life. There are lots of moments, and I revel in them all.~

4.5 Beautiful Thumbs up! 

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5

Beautiful Bride (The Reed Brothers #5.6)


Visit with: 
Logan, Emily, and Kit
Pete and Reagan
Matt, Sky, Seth, Joey, Mellie, Hoppy and Matty
Paul, Friday, Hayley, and PJ

The whole family is hanging out at the beach for a special event, and would love for you to come and join them. There might even be a wedding!

 Source: Kindle
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 5.6 in this series (it helps to have read 1thru 5.5 for this one)

My Beautiful Bride Review...

Oh! Boy these Reeds are at it again stealing my heart.  Now with most of them having their HEA's and loads and loads of babies its time for Pete and Reagan to finally tie the knot.  

After spontaneous events those plans are changed but is that a sign that maybe they aren't meant to be.   Thankfully Sam is there to save the day and get Pete out of his funk.  

Pete and Reagan are so meant to be but getting their sometime has kinks in the road.  Here's just another blip in the road but another way to show how awesomely sweet these Reeds are. 

Now that Pete can have his HEA doesn't mean Sam is meant to have his.

4 Second chances thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


Zip, Zero, Zilch (The Reed Brothers #6)

The last one to fall…

Sam Reed is the only brother in the Reed family who hasn’t fallen head over heels in love. He has a promising contract to play professional football, but something is missing. Sam likes to watch cooking shows, snuggle on the couch, and he wants someone to do it with him. But with his go-getter lifestyle, it’s almost impossible to find the time to get to know one woman. That is, until he meets the one who makes him want to change his whole life.

A fake name and a world of hurt...

When Peck was twelve, she was called by a different name, lived with a different family, and had no prospects whatsoever. But now she finds herself the drummer in an all-girl band, makes more money than she ever dreamed possible, and she’s content. Until the day her birth mother shows back up.

Fame. Fortune. Stardom. Adolation.

Neither of them wants it.

They both have it. But can they have more?

 Source: Kindle
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 6 in an ongoing series

My Zip, Zero Ziltch Review...

Finally Sam's story.  Sam is living the dream. He's a professional football player and has everything at this finger tips but he wants more.

Emily is part of the band the Zeroes and if you know a Reed than you are instantly part of the family.  For Peck having her own family and this one is everything but is it enough?

Sam has being trying to chip away Peck's armor to get to know her more but is having a hard time.  Now after Sam almost dies Peck is there but for how long?

Peck has had a shit past and has a hard time communicating with her stutter.   She likes to keep everyone at hands reach except her sisters.  What she doesn't trust is the fact that someone like Sam could like her.  Now Sam has to pull all the stops to convince her he means it that he wants everything with her. He just has to go slowly but tell that to his dick who isn't getting the memo.

"Um..." "That's just my dick.  I told you he likes you.  He'll give up in a minute.  Go to sleep."

Now that Peck's past is making an appearance, Sam will do anything to get her the happiness that she deserves.

"You just wore your heart on your sleeve.  You love, and you love well and true.  That's one of your strengths."

These Reeds! Gah! They gut me how beautiful and loving they all are.  When Sam makes a decision that could be dangerous the last thing he wants is his brothers to be involved but they won't have any of that nonsense.

"Where I go, you go.  Where you go, I go."

 After Sam gets a new lease on life and realizes that he made a mistake and he will make it right and get Peck back to where she belongs, which is by his side.   And now that he has Peck maybe its time to make all his dreams come true.

4 I Love the Reeds Thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


Christmas with the Reeds (The Reed Brothers #6.5)


It's Christmas! The Reeds have big plans for Christmas and they hope you'll come and join them for their special day.

Source: Kindle
Genre: NA/Adult Contemporary Romance
Part 6.5 in an ongoing series need to read the whole series to appreciate this one. 

My Christmas with the Reeds Review ...

Just another example of why I love the Reeds.  

This is a super sweet story about the Reeds giving back to the community who have always been there for them.   

Not only do they give back to the community but they help their newest member of the family who saved all their asses. If it weren't for Josh the Reeds might not be here any longer. 

This whole novella is from everyone's POV.  It was a great look at this amazing family.

4.5 Amazing Thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5

Good Girl Gone (The Reed Brothers #7)


She's perfect.
He's not.

She's the lead singer in a popular rock band.
He's a tattoo artist.

She's all perfect creases and fancy clothes.
He's covered in prison ink.

She's wealthy.
He doesn't have a pot to piss in.

She's good.
He's bad.

The question is -- Will she ever be good enough for him?

Source: Kindle
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 7 in an ongoing series

My Good Girl Gone Review...

Josh who is now an honorary member of the Reeds has some baggage.  We were never clear of his back story but whatever it was has put him in a wheelchair.

Star is part of the Zeroes which means she is Peck's sister and also part of the Reed Clan.   After her past coming back to haunt her she turns to Josh who seems to make her feel safe.

For Josh he has made a lot of wrongs but why would someone as amazing and perfect as Star want anything to do with him?  He quickly learns that she is not as perfect as she seems and has her own demons.

Josh's past has found him and he needs the support of Star to face it.  As he faces his past he learns he could have a bright future as well.

These two seem like the most unlikely duo but they so work for each other.  However their journey is not an easy one for them, as they both have a lot of baggage to deal with.  Because they are both part of the Reeds we get to see loads of them as well as Daniel from Finally Finding Faith.

Both Star's and Josh's stories are heartbreaking but with the Reeds the more heartbreaking means they more they are going to love you. Plus with Emilio and Marta the Zeroes adoptive parents there is so much love going around that you are rooting for all these Zeroes to find their own HEA.    I love how all the Reed and the Zeroes are able to look past the surface and see the true beauty of the person.

Love the Reeds and Love the Zeroes. I can't wait for more from this amazing series and all things Reeds. 

4 Heartbreaking thumbs up! 

 thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


While We Waited (The Reed Brothers #8)


She hates babies.
He just happens to have one.

She hates liars.
She’s pretty sure he is one.

She never sleeps with a man more than once.
He has only had sex with one woman in his whole life, and now she's gone.

He has boundaries.
She has none.

He prays before every meal.
She silently hopes he'll stop doing that.

Faith is what's left when everything everything else is stripped away, he says.

What will be left when she's naked, stripped, bare, raw? She has no idea. What if there's nothing?


God these Reed boys are so welcoming to all and their beautiful eclectic family keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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